MLP Fair & Etsy

Post date: Jul 19, 2012 2:6:38 AM

We got home from Florida around 3am on Monday. I had a blast, and it was great meeting new people and seeing some old friends! My husband even found another pony husband to converse with and relate to. I don't know where next year's fair is going to be (PLEASE say, "Pittsburgh!" *lol*), but I'll be there no matter what! It'll be the 10th Fair and the 30th anniversary of MLP, so you know there's awesomeness in store!

I added two more (well, five really, but two albums) customs to my Picasa gallery - Stelle Rosa (my first G4) and Celestial (AKA Fairy Bright) Ponies. Adding them directly to the gallery page is proving to be a challenge, but you can view them here for now:

Stelle Rosa

Also, I opened an Etsy store. There's nothing in it right now, as someone has purchased my last two Fairy Brights, but watch the space!

skig's My Little Pony Customs on Etsy

So I guess that's it for now. Bedtime, methinks. I'm beat!