Services Offered

Current Commission Status: CLOSED INDEFINITELY

Bait Prep: $8

Bait prep includes the removal of all old hair and paint and a thorough cleaning.


Airbrushed Full-Body Repaint: $10

Add $3 for gradient paint jobs.

Add $2 if you would like me to seal the paint.

NOTE: Requests made from Mid-September through late May may take longer to finish.

I work a full-time 9 - 5 Monday - Friday during these months and don't usually have time before work or daylight/nice weather after work.

RIT Dyeing (Bait or Hair): $10 for body or hair

Add $5 for gradient-dyed hair, up to three colors.

Rehairing: $10 plus the cost of hair

For a normal-sized pony with approximately 6⅔-inch mane and tail: 1 color - $3; 2 colors - $1.50/color; 3 or more colors - $1/color.

For styling-sized ponies or longer lengths of hair, cost will increase, as they require more supplies.

Custom-dyed hair adds $5 to your total.

Any Generation Customs: $50+
Based on customer request.
Add the cost of a bait if I have to purchase it.
Please ask me for more info.

Nirvana/Variant Restorations: Based on condition of pony/amount of work required. Please ask me.