Wish List

You can also find a more extensive pony wish list at the MLPTP at the link below.

StarbriteSprinkles MLPTP Wish List

For a full wish list of ponies and some merch, refer to my MLP Merch list at the link below. Be advised that it is very lengthy and takes a long time to load.

StarbriteSprinkles' MLP Merch Wish List

The G1 Short-List

High Tide

Sand Dollar

Sea Breeze

Wave Jumper

Baby Sea Shimmer



Tall Tales

Cloud Dreamer

Non-Ponytail Petite Topper

Non-Ponytail Petite Whirly

The G3 Short-List

First 50 Pinkie Pie

First 50 Spring Parade

First 50 Heather Winds

First 50 Fizzy Pop

First 50 Alphabittle

First 50 Coconut Grove

First 50 Sand Dollar

First 50 Thistle Whistle

First 50 Cloud Climber

Bonus 30 stickers sheet from pony singles

Any Australian jumbo plushies

Large plush Toola Roola

Large plush Sweetsong

Australian Red Rooster plushies

Baby Hula Lula's sarong (European)

Baby Surf Star's hat (European)


Giant Frilly Frocks plush

Mexican Sonrics Candy Sparkleworks

Petite Petunia

Rainbow Treat

Rose Garden (European Breezie)

Lady Slipper (European Breezie)

Snippity Snap (European Breezie)

Licensing Show Rarity

Any Mexican Chiqui Sopresa ponies

Any Mexican ponies - Sweet Dreams Bedroom, kitchen, scooter, Royal Bouquet, Rarity, Desert Rose, & Minty

Trolley (2006 MLP Fair exclusive)

Princess Royal Spa

Rainbow Bubbles

Snowdrop Swirl

Ragdoll plush Cheerilee

Ragdoll plush Pinkie Pie

Ragdoll plush Rainbow Dash

NY Toy Fair 25th Anniversary Press Pack w/retro Cotton Candy & Core 7 Pinkie Pie


Ribbons and Hearts prototype breast cancer awareness pony - OPEN MOUTH

Ribbons and Hearts prototype breast cancer awareness pony - CLOSED MOUTH

The G4 Short-List

Skywishes (bonus from Riding Along Rainbow Dash)

Glimmer Wings Daisy Dreams

Ploomette (2-pack w/Twilight Sparkle)

Pony Scooter Friends Rarity & Daisy Dreams

Princess Celebration Bakery w/Mrs. Dazzle Cake & Twirly Treats

Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie's Boutique Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie's Boutique Wysteria

Cutie Mark Magic Flower Wishes

Cutie Mark Magic Sweetie Drops

Water Cuties Diamond Mint

Water Cuties Blossomforth

Water Cuties Lily Blossom

Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer

All About DJ Pon-3

All About Fluttershy (standing)

All About Pinkie Pie (showing)

All About Rainbow Dash (standing)

All About Starlight Glimmer

All About Pinkie Pie (curious)

All About Rainbow Dash (showing)

All About Fluttershy (Princess TS pose)

All About Rarity

Baby Hippogriff Flutter Cloud

Kindness Lessons Fluttershy & Silverstream

Teamwork Lessons Rainbow Dash & Sandbar

Cutie Mark Crew

Series 2

Pony Applejack

Big Mac

Princess Luna

EG Rainbow Dash

EG Rarity

EG Sunset Shimmer

Seapony Twilight Sparkle

Party Performers

Party Style

Series 3

All blind packs EXCEPT Glittery Pony Fluttershy, EG Fluttershy, Cadance, EG Rainbow Dash, & EG Twilight Sparkle

Series 4

EG Rainbow Dash

Seapony Twilight Sparkle

Sightseeing Fun

Snow Day

Series 5

All blind packs

Confetti Party Countdown

Sugar Sweet Rainbow

Series 6

All blind packs

Retro Releases

Basic Fun!

40th Anniversary Blossom

40th Anniversary Blue Belle

40th Anniversary Butterscotch

40th Anniversary Cotton Candy

40th Anniversary Minty

40th Anniversary Snuzzle

All Blind Box Minis

The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls

2017 SDCC flocked Firefly

2017 SDCC pearlescent Lickety-Split

2017 SDCC glitter Lickety-Split

2017 SDCC glitter Snuzzle



Flocked Applejack

Flocked Lickety-Split

Flocked Princess Sparkle

Flocked Sundance

Glitter Applejack

Glitter Firefly

Glitter Princess Sparkle

Glow-in-the-dark Firefly

Glow-in-the-dark Minty

Glow-in-the-dark Princess Sparkle

Glow-in-the-dark Snuzzle

Pearlescent Club 28 Firefly

Pearlescent Minty

Pearlescent Princess Sparkle

Pearlescent Snuzzle

Pearlescent Sundance

Gold Firefly

The Non-Pony Wish List

Monster High Wish List

Cabbage Patch Kids Magic Meadow Ponies Crimp 'n Curl Beauty (green pegasus pony)

Fashion Star Fillies Feelin' Fancy Raquel (Calla pose)

Enchanted Kingdom Horses Nina (red hooves and accessories)

Bubble Belles Coral and Her Sunfish

Vtech Hug 'n' Talk Ponies Peaches

Mattel Little Pretties

Frosty Fur's collar, ribbon, and comb

Sweetlee & Zizi's Purple Comb

Catra's Aqua Ruffle Collar, Yellow Ribbon, and Yellow-Bordered Applicator Washcloth

Show-Offs Heaven Heart and accessories: Silver Crown Barrette, White Comb, White Trophy Stand, Silver Trophy w/Heart Stamp, Pink Neck Ribbon w/Silver Bow, and Pink-Bordered Applicator Washcloth

G1 Littlest Pet Shop

Bashful Bunny with Bunny Basket

Frisky Kitty with Cozy Carrier

Playful Puppies in their Puppy Basket - ONLY NEED white puppy, newspaper, red hydrant, yellow food dish, gray rawhide bone magnet & paper gift card

Cutesy Kittens with Kitten Playhouse - ONLY NEED playhouse base, mouse on clear line, hot pink food dish, & paper gift card

Puppy Pals with Playhouse - ONLY NEED tan puppy and magnetic rolled newspaper

Busy Hamsters with Jogging Wheel

Jolly Toucan with Pretty Perch

Purry Kittens with Kitty Playtime Condo

Real Pets Brave German Shepherd with Travel Crate - ONLY NEED Glittery, black, translucent collar & leash

Zoo Polar Pets (EXCEPT polar bear)

Zoo Arabian Prancers' - ONLY NEED pink tail decoration

Swimming Ducklings with Pondside Nest

Champion Ponies with Jumping Contest

Water Garden Kitties - ONLY NEED all kitties, orange roof, pearly pink food dish, & pearly pink brush

Beethoven's 2nd Tug 'n Play Beethoven

Beethoven's 2nd Nuzzle Time Nursery

Sea World The Shamu Family Playset

Sweetie Kitties

Showtime Long-Haired Tiger