Supplies & Tutorials

Here you'll find a list of products that I use and recommend.


X-Acto Knife

For stubborn neck seals and more.

IMPORTANT!!!: This is not my immediate go-to tool for breaking seals! It is a last resort! I first try a flathead screwdriver. PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION when using X-Acto blades! They are very sharp and can quickly damage a neck plug if you're not careful!

NOTE: The pink knife pictured is this one with a Dollar Tree gel pencil grip.


Mini Rubber Bands

For securing a pony's mane before removal to save for later use.


Barber/Haircutting Scissors

For cutting the mane.

I remove the tails intact.


Hemostat Pliers

For removing the tail and the remaining stubby clumps of the mane.


"Rubber" Gloves

You should always protect your skin when working with acetone.


Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone

For removing paint and other marks.

Cosmetic Cotton Rounds

My tool of choice for acetone use.


Dual-Tipped Cotton Cosmetic Applicators

For reaching those tough corners and creases (e.g. eyes, unicorn horns).

DAWN® Dishwashing Liquid

For the final scrubdown, to remove all leftover residue that may prevent my paint from properly sticking.


Firm Toothbrushes

Used in conjunction with the Dawn, firm because it gives a nicer scrub.

NOTE: You can purchase the same pack of toothbrushes in the photo above for $1.00 in Walmart stores.


Painting, Dyeing, and Sealing

Testors Aztek A220 Airbrush

My full-body repaints are super-smooth thanks to this affordable tool.

Red Sable Paint Brushes

I love my red sable detail brush. It holds paint like no other. I've bought and tried other fibers, but I always go back to this brush.


Createx Airbrush Colors

Great for use with my airbrush; no watering down required. I'm a huge fan of their white. Its coverage is beyond compare.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paints

The majority of my paints are this brand. When watered down, they apply smoothly and give good coverage. Also, they're super-affordable and come in a variety of colors.

Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Craft Paints

I have several Delta colors in my paint arsenal. Minutely more expensive than Apple Barrel, if I can't find the color I want in AB, I can find it in Delta.

FolkArt Metallic Craft Paints

When I'm looking for some shine, this is my go-to brand.


FolkArt Extreme Glitter Craft Paints

It's widely known that I LOVE glitter, and this is my go-to paint when I want sparkle.

Rit Dyes

When I'm looking for a different effect in body or hair color, I love Rit dye. It's affordable, easy to use, and works well.


Testors Dullcote

I absolutely LOVE this spray sealer. There's just no comparison to how awesome it is. It leaves a nice matte finish after drying; you can't even tell it's been applied.

Mod Podge Gloss 

I like to use this on eyes to give them a more lifelike quality.



I order all of my hair from Tina. I've ordered from another supplier in the past, but the quality of the product just didn't compare. I work primarily with nylon, but I've also used polypropylene.


"The Tool," Made of Two Parts

I started with an original wooden "Tool," made by LadyDayDreamer. I have never used any other method to rehair. LDD's Tool was great, but eventually the needle broke off inside the handle. By that time, she was no longer making them, so I improvised for awhile with tools of my own design. They never lasted long. When people started making their own tools using metal handles, I thought, "I could do that." So I set out to find my own supplies.

Size 18 Tapestry Needles These are the needles I use. I usually buy them at Walmart or JoAnn.

Aluminum Hand Drill I purchased a similar model in a Sears store for less than half the listed price.


You'll need your scissors again if you're cutting straight off the hair hank. I tend to pre-cut mine into thirds before rehairing.


For securing your mane plugs. Works like hot glue without the heat. Dries fast and strong. Doesn't seep through plug holes.

Skinny Sticks

I use these to spread the glue over all of the plugs inside the head.

Bait Prep Supplies