About StarbriteSprinkles

My name is Jamie.

I'm known as StarbriteSprinkles in the online My Little Pony community, though I formerly went by skig or skigjmr85. I recently found out that my former name is a derogatory term toward people of a certain ethnicity and was not comfortable continuing to use it. There are some places online that I cannot change my name, however.

I've been collecting My Little Pony since I was a toddler with a brief inactive period when I was a tween/teen and it was "uncool" to play with toys.

I still have my childhood collection of 50 or so ponies.

I started customizing in 2007. I still enjoy the hobby but don't find time to do much in recent years.

Outside of Pony collecting I'm a working mom and wife.

I also enjoy singing, reading, watching Steelers football, and baking.